From the showroom to the hoist

There’s nothing worse as a tradie than filling the ute with tools and supplies- only to have it drag it’s bum around like a dog with worms!   Knowing that they were planning to test the capabilities of their BRAND NEW DMAX ute, this customer drove it from the dealership, straight to Gassed Automotive.   […]

All makes. All models. All the time.

While many people assume that we’re purely Holden aficionados, it’s far from the truth. We’re passionate car people. We love the hobby, love the sports associated and enjoy what we do. If you’ve got a classic, collectable, sports, vintage, muscle or heck, even a barbie jeep; Gassed Automotive is the place for you. In the […]

Trust us – We really are Torana experts.

We often get asked why so many early Holden and Torana owners choose Gassed Automotive to work on their pride and joy. The simple answer? It’s our passion and we know them inside out. Not only has the Gassed Automotive family owned dozens of Holden Toranas over the last 50 years, we currently have no […]

Missing cats- an epidemic

We’ve seen a HUGE increase in the theft of factory catalytic converters across the East Coast and for us, here locally on the Central Coast NSW. With the massive increase in precious metal prices fueling a profitable scrap metal trade, the on-flow impact is previously unheard of prices being offered for second hand catalytic convertors. […]

We’re still open- servicing the Central Coast

**ESSENTIAL SERVICE TO CONTINUE** Gassed Automotive is classed as an essential service under the NSW State Government stage 3 measures. What’s that mean? We have been in constant contact with Central Coast Council and the NSW Government about impacts to our customers and ourselves- we want you to be safe and confident in your actions. […]