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Could it be faster, stop better, turn harder, sound louder, make more power?

All those important life questions that car enthusiasts ask ourselves time and time again- and all of them can be answered and fixed by trusting your pride and joy to Gassed Automotive, the Central Coast’s number one choice for performance car mechanical.

With more than 70 years combined experience building, racing and torture testing automotive machinery, the team here at Gassed Automotive are perfectly placed for anything you need. 

Carb upgrades

We’re experts in the things others won’t touch. If its got a carby (or two, three or more!) then you can guarantee we’ve got you covered for tuning, rebuilds, rejetting or upgrades! 

From triple webers to Holleys, QuicFuel, Sniper EFI, twin dellortos, strombergs, SUs, you name the brand and the style and we can not only supply a complete end to end setup, but tune it and have you out smashing tyres in no time. 

We are the Central Coasts best option for all performance carburetor services and needs on everything from Toyota 4 cylinders, Holden Six, Cleveland or Windsor V8s, Holden V8s and anything else you can imagine. 

Exhausts and Extractors

One of the easiest ways to make horsepower- get the exhaust gasses out of there-quick! 

We’re specialists in selection, fitting and advice on all extractors, manifolds and performance exhausts. We can also fabricate custom, one off extractors and manifolds to suit your application. 

We fabricate our custom exhausts on site, here in Berkeley Vale on the Central Coast NSW with press and mandrel bent options through to 2.5 inch and mandrel exhausts for 3 inch and up exhaust work. 

If you’re in the market for a new 6 Cylinder, V8, 4 Cylinder, turbo or other exhaust work- enquire now. 

Brakes, suspension and the rest!

There’s obviously more to performance than just making it run, sound and go like you want. 

Its important to also look to upgrade how your car rides, handles and stops. We’ve got 50 odd years of experience in racing a variety of vehicles across a huge range of motorsports as well as building exceptional road cars. 

We work with a range of quality brands and providers to ensure we give you the best there is to keep your car stopping and turning 110%. 

We supply and fit a range of poly bushing products such as superpro, nolathane, noltech, whiteline and more. We can also source and design custom bushes from alloy and other urethane products. 

Coilovers and custom spring/shock combos are also available to suit any need. 

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