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Old Holdens galore

October 10, 2022

You’ll never find a mechanical workshop quite like Gassed Automotive on the Central Coast. 

We are just about the only place you’ll find such a huge range of classic cars under one roof. BUT we are definitely an Old Holden specialist at heart! 

We’ve had hundreds of early Holdens through the doors since we opened here at Berkeley Vale on the Central Coast NSW including everything from the first, FX 48-215 through to Early commodores, Toranas, Kingswoods, HQ through WB, Geminis, Monaros and more! 

We’re known among the entire Holden community as one of the only destinations for premium, honest mechanical service, repairs and modificaiton on Old and early Holden vehicles. 

From suspension and brake repairs on your historic, restored to original LJ XU-1, through to engine builds for your wild Monaro – we handle them all, with care and precision. 

We’ve slapped together just some of the cars we’ve had through the shop recently just to show how much variation there is in what we work on. 

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