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Under pressure – talking tyres

October 17, 2022

With fuel prices rising and holes appearing in the roads – it’s never been more important to maintain healthy tyre pressures for your safety, fuel economy and life-span of your tyres.


The single best way to help- regular checks on your tyre pressures.

Tyres that are not inflated to the correct pressures can experience uneven or dangerous tread wear, cause severe handling characteristics as well as risk complete tyre failure.


You should regularly check your tyre condition as well as the tyre pressure. A quick visual check, once a week to make sure there are no damaged or flat tyres, plus a monthly tyre pressure check – will be more than enough.


Most service stations will have tyre inflation equipment available- so if you don’t have a gauge or compressor at home – call past your local servo.

Alternatively, we are always more than happy to check your tyre pressures and condition – just drop in to the workshop in Berkeley Vale.


How to identify the correct tyre pressure-

All late model vehicles have a tyre placard inside the driver’s or passenger’s side door opening. This small sticker will list the correct tyre/wheel sizes as well as the correct pressures for front and rear tyres. If you get stuck and can’t find the sticker – either chuck the details into google or call in and we will get you sorted.


Over/Under inflation-


Both over and under inflating a tyre can cause a host of issues.


Underinflating tyres wear more on the outside edges of the tread. Lower pressure lets the tyre to flex more as it rolls causing heat to build up which could lead to tyre failures. There’s also an increase in rolling resistance and reduction in fuel economy. Under inflated tyres will also steer worse and make cornering less stable.


Overinflation is just as troublesome- leading to a higher risk of damage from potholes or road damage. Overinflation causes tyres to balloon, wearing the centre of the tread more severely, leaving the outer edges with less wear. You’ll also experience a much harsher driving experience and more impact moving to the cars suspension and steering components.


The correct tyre pressure will always ensure the best contact patch for your vehicle and the most stable ride available.

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