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Regular Maintenance

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We may love things that go fast, make noise and look cool, but we also want to keep you safe on the road in your everyday car too! 

Most vehicles need a basic service, comprising of an engine oil and oil filter change, at least once every 6 months or 5-7000km.

Some newer vehicles has a much longer recommend service interval (up to 15,000km) however the long term impacts of keeping to that schedule can often be detrimental to the life, fuel efficiency and general running of your car. 

We offer a free service planning consultation for all new customers.

We can review your previous service history, current state of your vehicle and information on common problems to ensure your service schedule is customised to suit your needs and ensure your money and car go further than ever before. 

We use high quality oils and lubricants that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

All filters and replacement parts come with warranty for installation and part defects as well as meeting and exceeding original manufacturer specifications – generally at a fraction of the price that dealerships charge. 

For mechanical repairs and automotive excellence on the Central Coast, you can’t beat us here at Gassed Automotive. 

Book your service today. 

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