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February 17, 2022

With the demise of the once lovable Holden brand in Australia, comes a huge raft of implications for owners of both modern and historic Holden vehicles.

From the availability of parts through to the enormous impact on the number of service locations and the quality of the work provided (the good staff- well they’ve seen opportunity elsewhere!) it can really appear to be a daunting (and expensive!) time to be a Holden owner in need of mechanical, brakes, suspension or servicing/maintenance.

So how can we help you out- we’ve got thousands of hours of combined experience working on everything from FX Holdens through to VF Commodores (lets just pretend the last of the Commodore range didn’t exist. ok?)

We can service or repair your Colorado, your Rodeo, your Cruz, Camira, Astra, Vectra, Commodore, Torana or anything else you can throw at us!

We offer prices cheaper than any dealership and more value for money at the same time. We can source and fit both genuine parts as well as genuine OEM specification replacement parts and still maintain factory warranty or factory extended warranty policies in most cases.

Gassed Automotive can stamp your Holden genuine service documentation (log books) and make sure your servicing records are 100% completed.

So rest assured- if you Service with Gassed Automotive, your HSV, Gemini, Commodore, Barina or anything else thats ever worn a Holden badge, it will continue to be in tip top, safe shape, now and into the future.


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