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The Gassed Automotive story

April 23, 2020

Gassed automotive is a family mechanical business owned and operated by Ray and Anne Tyler alongside their family. 

With more than 40 years automotive mechanical experience, Ray has worked on, driven and raced hundreds of different cars and boats across the last 4 decades. He’s been swinging spanners on some of the fastest creations in the country for longer than most have been alive.

Pushing 60, Ray’s still throwing racecars around the track on the weekends, is a respected scrutineer for a number of racing classes and continues to enjoy building and modifying his own personal collection of cars. (when Anne say’s he can) 

Gassed opened the doors in 2014, a return to mechanical work after a brief hiatus in another industry for Ray. But the call of cars was always there.

The shop opened quietly but has grown to be a well respected and bustling workshop handling concourse muscle car restorations, engine building, wheel repairs, performance modifications as well as all suspension, exhaust brake and general maintenance repairs on passenger vehicles, four wheel drives and sports cars. 

Chris, Ray’s son, specialises in diagnosing electrical issues, custom wiring looms and aftermarket ECU installation as well as all basic mechanical work. With a passion following his dad, you can guarantee that between father and son, they have most things covered.

Gassed’s workshop has an extensive range of modern tools and equipment including OBD2 scan tools, decibel metres, sandblasting facilities, wheel polishing and lathe repair machinery as well as top of the line specialised repair and maintenance tooling to suit all major manufacturers. 

As we move into the later half of 2020 Gassed will be offering a range of Dyno tuning services, focused on Carby cars.

We are the Central Coast’s most comprehensive mechanical service provider. No other central coast mechanic can compete with the number of services Gassed Automotive can offer.

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