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The dyno-saur

March 29, 2022

What do you get when you cross an early 80s eddy brake dyno with some tight arse ingenuity?

The dyno-saur!

We’ve had this little project in the works for a few years now

Well that’s actually a lie . It spent most of that time covered in dust, car parts and random workshop equipment, waiting for us to get to it.

We took a Sun road-amatic rolling road out of the floor of an antiquated Porsche tuning shop just a little outside of Melbourne.

We spent 5 hours removing it, slinging from the world’s dodgiest forklift setup and throwing it onto the car trailer to head home.

Reasonably trouble free (minus one near miss with a solid looking wombat, on the hume Highway in the foggy early morning hours) we had a dyno sitting on roller boards in the corner of the workshop.

Now what do we do?

You leave it there while you try and work out where the hell you can bolt it.

Originally an in-ground setup, fabricated a support structure and after finding a location that suited, bolted the whole lot down with concrete anchors and set about testing the equipment.

Without boring you with details, the analogue setup, although exceptionally bad arse, was due for an upgrade.

So with a heckload of research and some pretty badly translated messages, we had a full control setup in the way from Norway’s Fonneland engineering.

The YourDyno eddy brake power supply and dyno control unit have a steep learning curve, but are an amazing setup.

We still had to fabricate a number of parts, including designing and laser cutting a trigger wheel for the rollers, fabricating load cell mounts, packaging the fan structures, finding an exhaust fan capable of doing what we needed and powering the whole lot.

The end result is a low cost, highly flexible dyno that we can use to the benefit of all our customers and the cars we build here at Gassed Automotive.

We’ll have a full list of tuning rates and some more information on services up very soon!

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