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From our family, to yours.

March 29, 2020

Gassed Automotive is a family business in every sense.
The Tyler family owns and operates every element of our mechanical workshop on the Central Coast. With more than 50 years of repairing, racing, building and sometimes breaking race cars and road cars of all kinds – Ray Tyler is the hands behind the tools day in- day out.

Our Family reputation is on the line with every customer and we act like it. You’ll always know that you’re getting the full story, one you can trust at a price that’s fair. We’ll retain broken or worn parts, suspension, brakes or even tyres, just to teach you what was wrong and why.

We hold regular family focused fundraiser and education events. From Fueling up our Farmers (drought fundraiser) through to young driver education clinics, we always try to give back, from our family, to the community that supports us.

If you’re looking for a mechanic you can trust and a family business that will treat you like part of it- Gassed Automotive is your number one destination for honest, reliable mechanical on the Central Coast NSW.

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