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Jack’s Choice 2019

April 24, 2020
Jack with his toranafest choice

Gassed Automotive went all in as a sponsor of the 2019 Hunter Valley Torana Clubs, Toranafest.

Ray and Chris were both set the task of judging their own category for awards, but it was the littlest Tyler man that set himself a task of picking his favourite car of the show.

With a hastily knocked up trophy and a bundle of enthusiasm, Jack set about doing laps of the seemingly endless paddock of modified, standard and survivor Toranas. With three laps of the park under his belt, Jack settled on a 6/71 blown, 350 Chev powered LX hatch.

With the orange paint “like daddy’s Torana” it was pretty simple why he loved it! Orange paint, big shining motor- hecking nice car.

We’ll be sure to sign on again for the next Toranafest in 2021, and you can be sure Jack will be out there to present another choice award!  

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