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From the showroom to the hoist

October 5, 2021

There’s nothing worse as a tradie than filling the ute with tools and supplies- only to have it drag it’s bum around like a dog with worms!


Knowing that they were planning to test the capabilities of their BRAND NEW DMAX ute, this customer drove it from the dealership, straight to Gassed Automotive.


We fitted a set of upgraded leaf springs to up the capacity and improve the ride when loaded as well as making some adjustments to some of the poor factor components.


While it was here we helped setup the owner’s displays and calibrate all the in car features.

We’ll be servicing this vehicle from day dot as well- all while maintaining his full new car warranty and meeting or exceeding the manufacturers service schedule and requirements.


The same thing we can do for any new Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Holden or other new car service schedules.


If you’ve got a new (or old) ute thats dragging its bum around the road – speak to us here at Gassed Automotive about suspension and load carry upgrades.

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