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Carbies. Carbs. Carburetor. Fuel bucket.

April 11, 2022

One of the more common jobs we carry out here at Gassed Automotive is carby rebuilds, rejetting or full carb swaps. 

We work on Holley, Quickfuel, Weber, dellorto, Demon, edelbrock and basically any other carby you can imagine. 

Whether its a traditional 2 or 4 barrel unit or a triple or twin carb setup (side or downdraught) we can handle rebuild and tuning. 

There’s not many shops (very few) on the Central Coast, Sydney regions or even the east coast that know their stuff when it comes to carbies. Especially some of the more obscure (these days) setups such as multiple side draught setups (triple or twin SU, mikuni, Stromberg or others) 

We stock linkage setups and a huge range of jets that we can drop in and get your mixtures spot on with the help of our chassis Dyno for all your tuning needs. 

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